Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BoD) is selected by the Nomination Committee and elected by the parent body at the Annual General Meeting. THIS has a professional board where each member brings expertise from a specific field. The Head of School reports directly to the BoD, and they are responsible for the financial stewardship and overall compliance of the organization. THIS is fortunate to have such a talented, engaged, and supportive BoD!

Voting Board of Directors

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Board MemberPositionElected Until
Camilla Knudsen Tveiten Chair2026
Anita UtsethVice Chair2025
Mette Winsnes RåbergBoD Member2026
Erik SkjelstadBoD Member2026
Jochen KöhlerBoD Member2026
Therese NøstBoD Member2025

Non-voting Representatives

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Board MemberPositionElected Until
Alberto ValleTeaching Staff Representative
Benjamin DeanNon-teaching Staff Representative
Linda SavkovaParent Council Representative
Kristine SannumStudent Council Representative

Board of Directors Meeting Protocols 2023

Board of Directors Meeting Protocols 2024

Annual General Meetings

The Nomination Committee

NC MemberTerm
Sussane Jäschke2024 – 2026
Leif Roar Kristiansen2024 – 2026