Process and Criteria

How great that you are considering THIS! We look forward to welcome your child to our school. On this page, you will find most of the information regarding the application process. Feel free to reach out to if you have any questions that are not addressed here.

Trondheim International School welcomes children from both Norway and abroad. The school has space for 230 students, distributed across 10 grade levels. It is open to all children who meet the criteria for attending Norwegian public schools.

The school has students aged 6 – 16 years old. Our Primary Years Programme, covering elementary school, includes students aged 6–12 years old (grades 1–6). Our Middle Years Programme, covering middle school, includes students aged 13–16 years old (grades 7–10). Children are assigned to the grade level that aligns with their age. In Norway, this is organized by the calendar year, meaning all children born in 2018 are placed in the same year group.

The school year begins in August, and the deadline for the main admission is April 1st. If there are more applicants than available spots , applicants are prioritized based on the admission criteria outlined below.

Applicants who do not secure a spot in the main admission can be placed on a waiting list for supplementary admission. Parents fill out a form to be registered on the list. Those who apply before April 1st receive priority over those who apply after the deadline.

THIS accepts applications and admits new students throughout the school year, as long as there are available spots. The start date is arranged with the school administration and is based on what is in the best interest of the child.

Admission applications are valid for only one school year. If you wish that your child remains on the waiting list for the following school year, a new application needs to be submitted. The deadline for applications for the following school year is April 1st.

A decision regarding the offer of a school spot is a single rights decision made by the Head of School in accordance with the Public Administration Act with a possibility to appeal within a certain period of time. To accept the offer of a school spot, a contract needs to be signed as well as a payment of 50% of 1 month’s school fees as an advance payment (deposit). The deposit will be used to cover 50% of the first month’s school fees.

If you have not been granted a school place and wish to appeal the decision, please send the complaint to the school. If the school does not agree with the complaint, it will be forwarded to the County Governor in Trøndelag, who is the final appeals authority.

If there are more applicants than available spots, those who applied by the deadline will be considered first. The admission criteria are prioritized in the following order. Applicants will be prioritized according to these criteria without exception:

  1. Children of staff members
  2. Applicants for the first grade until the class reaches a minimum of 15 students
  3. Siblings of students at Stiftelsen Trondheim International School
  4. Children who have attended an International Baccalaureate school
  5. Children who have attended an English-language school for more than 6 months (including preschool)
  6. English-speaking children
  7. Children with English as an additional language
    • Children who have attended an English-language school for less than 6 months
    • Children who regularly use English socially
  8. International children
    • Children with a non-Norwegian passport
    • Children with at least one native language that is not Norwegian
    • Children with at least one non-Norwegian parent
  9. Lottery

When withdrawing a child from Trondheim International School, two months’ notice needs to be given by completing the withdrawal form to the office. Failure to give the notice will result in a charge of two months’ school fees. The notice period is two months from the following first of a month. 

Click here for the withdrawal form.

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