Norwegian at THIS

As an IB World School in Norway, we are focused on our students making strong connections with Norway as their host or home country.

Competency in Norwegian language is crucial to understanding Norwegian culture and integrating socially. To foster this, we provide a two track programme of Norwegian Language Acquisition and Norwegian Language and Literature all the way from grade 1 through 10.

Baseline assessments are used to determine which track a student should be on as they enter the school. These are carried out regularly to ensure students move from Language Acquisition to Language and Literature when they are ready. We experience our students making excellent progress in Norwegian, regularly scoring well above the local and national average in National Tests, as well as going on to be very successful with their studies in Norwegian high school.

The Norwegian Program at THIS is based on both the Norwegian National Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate’s curriculum. The program has a strong focus on building in-depth conceptual understanding.

Throughout the program we use a variety of materials, methods and strategies during lessons to support lifelong learning. We also work systematically with grammar, spelling and forms of expression. In the inquiry process students take on an active role in their own learning, asking questions and seeking answers. The teachers work continuously with a feedback/feedforward approach to support learning.

In the PYP, the Norwegian teachers work closely together with the PYP Class teacher to build on the content and concepts taught. Students develop in-depth learning through a transdisciplinary approach. The students have four one hour lessons a week. We use the Lydfargemetoden (sound-color method) as a tool to develop phonological awareness and spelling in addition to a systematic approach to teaching grammar and spelling.

Sample of PYP supportive learning resources:

In the MYP, students continue to build on the skills and knowledge acquired in the PYP. Throughout the program all main literary genres are taught and explored.

The Middle Years Program prepares the students for success in Norwegian public high school as well as ensuring that students are on a high enough level to enter directly into the IB Diploma Program should they choose to continue their IB education. 

Sample of MYP supportive learning resources: