Policies and Procedures

There’s a lot to consider, address, and decide at a school. Here at THIS, we base our work on the holistic IB philosophy, along with Norwegian laws and regulations.

Do you have the right to transportation assistance? Are you applying for extra vacation days? Or do you need someone to talk to? If you’re wondering how we actually work to create a safe and positive school environment or what our thoughts are on AI, we have gathered policies, application forms and a lot of useful information here. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact your contact teacher or the administration.


Rules and regulations


Your child is obliged to attend all school lessons. Documented absence from primary school is either leave granted by the school, or illness. The school can grant your child leave from education for up to two consecutive weeks. The prerequisite is that it is pedagogically sound to give your child time off. In this assessment, it may be relevant to emphasize whether your child receives education during the leave period.

According to the education Act [Opplæringsloven] § 2-11, parents must apply for leave of absence from school.

The application for leave must be submitted to school at least 10 days before the intended leave.

Students are entitled to a free school bus card according to Norwegian law (Opplæringsloven §7-1 and Privatskoleloven §3-7 ).

Students in grade 1 who live further than 2km from school are entitled to a free bus card and 4km for students from grade 2 and up.

Other transport
Students with disability, temporary injury or sickness can apply for other means of transportation if necessary. Parents can send a request to the school with a medical certificate and the school will forward it to Trøndelag Fylkeskommune who will make the decision.