At THIS, we actively work on transitions, encompassing major transitions such as from kindergarten to first grade or from schools abroad to ours, as well as minor transitions like those between school and after-school care (SFO) or from Primary Years Programme (PYP) to Middle Years Programme (MYP). This effort plays a crucial role in achieving an inclusive, safe, and supportive school environment where all our students can develop socially and academically to the best of their abilities.

We often receive questions from parents in connection with relocations, both between schools and from one country to another. The challenges range from language proficiency and academic levels to cultural differences, further studies, and entering the workforce.

In summary, our students easily adapt to new environments, and academically, they are at the same level or higher than where they come from. This is only natural given that we are an international school with international educational programs, providing students with a solid and recognized academic foundation. The holistic approach and focus on developing the qualities in the IB learning profile equip them well socially and with the ability to handle change.

Application for Further Studies

The average grades of our graduating students are high, and their transcripts can be directly used for applications to both Norwegian and international schools. In Trondheim, there is a high school with an IB program: Trondheim Katedralskole. Many students apply there. If applying from THIS, students can skip the transitional year and complete high school in two years on a program recognized by universities and colleges worldwide.