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Welcome to Trondheim International school. Our school was founded in 2004 and has been an IB World School since 2008. We now have about 40 children in our preschool (3-6 years) and 200 students in our school from grade 1 to grade 10 (6-16 years).

ThIS Students Show Strong Levels of Academic Achievement in National Exams!


Dear ThIS Parents,

The recent Norwegian National Exams show a strong relative standing for ThIS students among Norwegian Schools in English, Norwegian Literacy and Math.

Trondheim International School students have done quite well in demonstrating their academic achievement. The following link provides a short Powerpoint summary of the two standardized examinations that we use at ThIS to assess the school program trends.  This Summary of Norm Referenced Exam Data (Opens in a New Webpage).

ThIS presents the Nasjonale prøver at Years 5, 8, 9. We have been using the International Schools’ Assessment (ISA)  to offer trend assessments for our school program and to compare our school performance with other “like/similar” international schools.

These tools are not used to assess individual student performance.

In the IB Programs, authentic and criterion referenced assessments are used by teachers to assess understanding of concepts, knowledge and application of learning to design or redesign teaching and learning and to meet students at their levels of understanding.

The IB Program is a constructivist approach to teaching and learning. We believe that we meet each student at their “proximal” point of understanding, in any subject and our goal is to present new conceptual information, discreet knowledge, develop new skills and adaptive attitudes so that students achieve new insights and understandings.

This is best accomplished through careful observations of students during the performance of the various tasks within the IB Program, whether solving math problems, managing a science experiment or performing in the arts. We are also focusing on the uniqueness of our students as “whole persons” and as individuals who progress at differentiated rates and in unique ways as they develop competency.

We are happy to observe achievement as measured by these Standardized Norms, and we are quite pleased with the development of each student as a member of our International Baccalaureate learning community.

Congratulations to our students and parent community.

Thank you for your support!

The Staff of ThIS



Art Grants for Artist-in-Residency at ThIS —Mural Project


Norway-Mural-RenderingThIS received two generous grants: one from the PC (10K/NOK) matching grant from the Trondheim Cultural Arts Council (20 K/NOK) to fund the work of an Artist-in-Residence to work with our students and Trondheim Community members in the production of a large mural.

Mr. Ralph DRalph‘Oliveira, originally from Santa Barbara, California and a resident of Santa Cruz, CA. Ralph is a master muralist who has painted 100’s of murals in the Northern California region. He is experienced in organizing and managing community mural projects.

The THIS mural will be produced here in the school with the help of students & community members and we will also be working on dedicated Saturdays at the Gåsaparken  in Bakklandet . The mural will be approximately 288 x 660 in size. It depicts the early navigation of three world seafaring peoples, the Chumash, the Vikings and the Polynesians.  We hope to permanently fix the mural on the wall at the Gåsaparken.

James, Dolores, Ralph and Sima have been working on the project together. It will involve all of the children at some point in the painting work. Other community members are invited to participate as well. No “master painter experience” necessary ! Just a willingness to have fun and create something together.



Boot Room

Over the Easter break, the school’s Boot Room will be renovated. Everything must be removed – shoes, boots, clothing, sleds and so on. Renovation will begin the evening of Friday 27 March 2015. Thanks in advance for your help!


March ThIS Newsletter- Issue 6

Please click here to read this fun ThIS newsletter for March!


The first newsletter at ThIS was started by a team of soon-to-be publishing experts who all met at ThIS News Club! Our reporters and journalists are all PYP students with the exception of editor and teacher/assistant Ms. Jelena.

The reason why we started this newsletter is very simple! We care about our school, all our students and teachers. We want to know what is going on in the school, what we are all learning about, what are the upcoming events and also we want everybody to feel special. Our main task is to inform people about our school, our students’ accomplishments and the world!

We hope you will enjoy reading this newsletter!