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Welcome to Trondheim International school. Our school was founded in 2004 and has been an IB World School since 2008. We now have about 40 children in our preschool (3-6 years) and 200 students in our school from grade 1 to grade 10 (6-16 years).

ThIS Wishes Our Staff, Students and Families a Joyous and Peaceful Winter Holiday !

corp2882We wish the Staff, Students and ThIS Families a Joyous and Peaceful Winter Holiday !

We thank you all for an excellent first-half of this academic year and look forward to your return       January 5th, 2015            to continue with an exciting course of inquiry and learning in our  IB World School.


The Administration and Board of Directors

Trondheim International School

Spring International Baccalaureate In-School Teacher Workshops Scheduled !

World_School_Tri_1_ColourThis Spring, Friday  and Saturday, May 8 & 9, the instructional staff at ThIS will be engaged in IB Professional Development Seminars. The full-day workshops are focused on deepening teacher understandings and developing instructional strategies for the written, taught and assessed IB Program on Inquiry.

Because the teachers will be generously granting a Saturday for this intensive workshop, they will be compensated with a leave day. Therefore, the final day of school will end one day early this June. The last day of school for this academic year will be Thursday, June 18, 2015. Please plan for this on your calendars.

We thank the parent community for supporting the staff with this important professional development work as a continued investment in our school programs.

Gasshō……means ” Thank You! ” in Japan………

gasshoThank you to the parents, students and staff who have supported the recent Halloween festival and the Fall Dugnad!

Your efforts make a difference in bringing joy, community and some funding support to the school’s programs.

We invite those community members who were not able to join us to do so for the next opportunity.

This biggest difference you will make is in your view of the school community that you participate in, and maybe your well-being…

Check out this “link”……you might find it to be compelling !



The Staff, Kids and Family Community of ThIS

5th of December (Friday)- PYP 4, 5, 6 Musical- the Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents

the Amazing Maurice

Dear Parents and Caregivers at ThIS,

On 5th of December 2014, PYP4, 5 and 6 are performing…………………..

‘The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents’ by Terry Pratchett’s!!!

Ticket prices: Adult kr.50/ Family kr.100 / Children free

Revenues go to the P.C. Fund

*Tickets must be booked before November 28th via Ms. Sima (sima.haddadin@this.no).

Place: Gym, ThIS

Time: 18:00



A Very Grateful Farewell and Blessings to Ms. Gemma Osin !


Ms. Gemma, our MYP Science Teacher has been with ThIS for five years. Our students have benefited tremendously from her extensive knowledge and well-delivered instruction. Gemma received approval on a long-awaited Visa for migration to the United States after the beginning of this new school year. We agreed to wait until the last moments to inform the students and community, so that the students would stay focused on learning. Gemma will join other members of her immediate family who have taken residency in the continental United States. We will miss her excellent teaching and her part in the community at ThIS. We wish Gemma the very best!

Mr. Luke Campbell will be replacing Gemma in the MYP Science teaching position. Luke takes his degrees in Science and Humanities from Australia. Luke has been working at ThIS for some time, and many of our parents know his great disposition and passion for teaching. Luke is returning from “papa leave” this month where he has been caring for his youngest child. He will officially assume the responsibility for the class November 24th, but he has been involved in the planning for this transition.

For the interim two weeks, Mrs. Rahel Geier is assigned as the interim Science teacher. Rahel is an experienced teacher and she has been provided excellent guidance and planning documents for the interim period. Rahel is originally from Germany. Her family resides in Trondheim. Classes are completing units and are engaged in summative assessments. Gemma will remain “online” through this transition period and is directly involved in the completion of the summative assessments for these units.

If any parent has a question during this time, Rahel will respond as the Contact Teacher, and please feel free to contact Ms. Virginia Neilsen or Mr. Rothkopf if you have any questions.