Welcome to Trondheim International school. Our school was founded in 2004 and has been an IB World School since 2008. We now have 200 students in our school from grade 1 to grade 10 (6-16 years).

Our Annual International School Assessment Results for 2016 Demonstrate School Program Effectiveness !


World_School_Tri_2_ColourWe just received the 2016 exam results for our annual International School Assessment exam. ThIS students are in general doing quite well relative to the assessment scaled score and to the comparison groups.

The exam measures performance in Math, Reading, Scientific and Writing-Narrative and Expository Literacy for our Year 7-10 students.

The data helps us understand the relative strength our program initiatives. We examine the data and consider the exam performance against our deeper knowledge of the program, the student cohort and individual needs of students within each cohort. We are aware of the small size of our year-level cohorts and the impact that this has on group performance measures obtained from a standardized assessment instrument.

We are very proud of the learning that our students demonstrate. The results show the overall effectiveness of our IB teaching and learning program.

Please congratulate your Year 7,8,9,10 students and encourage their continued efforts in their learning. Thank you for your continued support for the efforts of our school staff as we aim to continually improve our program and to reach for the highest standards in learning!


Link for information about the ISA Exam:                

International School Assessment Program

Link for information about the PISA Survey for 15 Year Old Students

across the globe:           

Program for International Student Assessment

School Newsletter – February Issue

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Students,

PYP Reporters Club and MYP News Elective proudly present our school newsletter – February issue! Click here to download the pdf!
This issue holds many interesting articles and a few announcements of school events. We hope you enjoy it and we are looking forward to receiving your feedback, look for the contact information on the first page! And as always, look for the printed copies of the Newsletter in the Library!
P.S. The rubric “Ask Bob the Skeleton” is open for students, teacher and parents so if you think you have a question for Bob put it into Bob’s box in the Library 🙂
With regards,
The News Team and Mrs Jelena

From the Classroom to the Community ! Service and Action in the IB Programs

ThIS is Invited to Join a Røde Kors Panel Presentation on Service and Action!

Parents and Students, Join Us !  On February 28, at the Main Trondheim Library from 7:00 PM.

ThIS 9th Grader Daniel Karlsen and Mrs. Hope Steen will represent Trondheim International School in a panel presentation hosted by the Røde Kors discussing  a them of “charity, realpolitik and volunteerism” .  Image result for Food arrives in Syria

Service and Action are  Core Values of the International Baccalaureate Programmes. They are meant to be a natural outcomes of inquiry, international mindedness and global engagement.

At the core, we want students to develop reflective and mindful lives that consider the impact of our everyday choices on the world around us, and to make choices that are aligned with those understandings.

All of us respond to the magnitude of the many human challenges our planet faces, yet we have opportunities each day in the way we live our lives to choose actions that sustain healthy life and well-being for our global community or that are unconscious to negative impacts.

Students have been learning about fair trade, cotton and clothing production, development and distribution of global resources (energy, food, medicine, fresh water) , as examples of how human values and ethical concerns are connected to knowledge, skill, privilege, disenfranchisement and many other technological, sociopolitical issues.

What kind of world is the global adult community leaving as a heritage for our children and future generations?

Is the teaching of Service and Action, an empowerment or an emotional burden for young people?

Service and Action in the IB Programs

ThIS School students from Year 1 to Year 10 have been engaged in student-led Service and Action work as outcomes of their transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies. This student work has captured the natural impulses that students have to make a difference in the world around them and these actions teach empowerment and provide experiences of hope and belief in a positive future.

Please join us to acknowledge and consider this important value of our IB World School program.


 Hva: Humanitært Forum i regi av Sør-Trøndelag Røde Kors. Temaet er nestekjærlighet, realpolitikk og frivillighet.

Når: 28. januar 2016, kl. 19.00–21.00

Hvor: Rådssalen på Trondheim Folkebibliotek.


19:00: Distriktsleder i Sør-Trøndelag Røde Kors, Marit Sognli Gladsø, ønsker velkommen.

Hovedinnleder vil være en mangeårig og tidligere Røde Kors-ansatt, Gisle Kavli, som vil få ordet i ca. 45 minutter. Hans tittel er Røde Kors 150 år – nestekjærlighet, realpolitikk og frivillighet.

19:50: 15 min. pause og enkel beverting.

20:05: Paneldebatt med representanter fra næringsliv, frivillige organisasjoner, politikken og noen fra vår egen krets. Det er ønskelig at hver deltaker holder en appell på inntil 5 minutter rundt temaet nestekjærlighet, realpolitikk og frivillighet i sitt virke og ut i fra sin erfaring.

Debatten vil ledes av Stein Mortensholm, rådgiver for arrangement og samfunnskontakt ved NTNU.

In Solidarity,

Mr. Hamilton

School Newsletter, January

Dear Students, Parents and Caregivers

We proudly present the January issue of the school newsletter, you can click here to find it.

We have also started working with the Student Council who chose to exclusively publish certain information with us, so in this issue you can find the table with sports teams for the February sports event. Make sure to check the newsletter every month for more updates from SC!

Please remember that you can also read the newsletter in the Library where we posted two school copies for everyone to enjoy.

With kind regards,

The Newsletter Team and Mrs.Jelena

SFO Calendar for 2015/2016

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

We would like to inform you that you can now find the updated SFO calendar for the year 2015. and 2016. on the link here and on the webpage under the School Programs – SFO/After School Clubs.

With best regards,

Mascha Meland




Happy December Holidays to ThIS Families !

2016 - Altered Village big


The student body started the last day before December break with an expression of community, joining together and singing some traditional and some not-so-traditional Christmas and Juletide Carols. Students sang together, danced and celebrated their community…so full of life.

I spoke to them briefly at the conclusion, to note that ThIS is a wonderful community of people from across the world with very diverse nationalities, cultures, ideas, beliefs and values. We are Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, and many who do not hold to any one religious orientation or belief. We are open-minded and tolerant and we embrace our differences and celebrate our commonalities.

These last weeks are filled with students in various classes taking actions in support of the refugees, Year 3 baking cookies and raising  3137 NOK funds to support SOS barnebyer, and many other self-to-other connections!

We were filled with joy being together and carried above the sadness we feel at the departure of some members of our student body as they move to new places in the world with their families.

Whenever the students and staff come together for our school wide assemblies we are astounded by how strongly the principles of our IB World School shine through! It is an amazing experience to participate in.

We wish everyone a peaceful, safe and joyful holiday.


Mr. Hamilton and ThIS Staff