Uniform Policy:

All PYP students must wear a uniform to school.

For MYP students, uniforms are voluntary. This is a trial period for the school year 2017/18 in response to suggestions from the student council, parent council and school coordinating committee. The official decision about the uniform policy will be decided after this trial period.

Ordering Uniforms:

We have an agreement with the company University to provide uniforms.

Please click here to go to the University website for online purchase.

You need to enter the school code you have received by email to be able to see the ThIS uniforms.

The company is not able to accept returns since they have a special production process.

If you have further questions regarding uniforms, ordering and sizes please contact catharina@university.no tlf. 33 48 99 50.

Ordering period is always open for the first week of each month, make sure you order during that period, otherwise you will receive an additional fee of 99 NOK per item and 149 NOK for home delivery.

Students are of course allowed to use uniforms which they have bought before.

*To ensure that your child is in full school uniform, you need to purchase a T-shirt and a jumper or jacket (for cold weather). The student needs to be in uniform from the waist and up, therefore everyone needs to have a T-shirt and a jumper/jacket.

Size overview:

8 years equivalent to 122/128

10 years equivalent to 134/152

S equivalent to 158/164

M  equivalent to adults size 40

L equivalent to adult size 42