We have established educational excursions to complement our commitment to learning beyond the classroom walls. As with all our programs, educational objectives are matched to important social strategies and the development of the participant’s self-confidence and well-being.

Our school trips are conducted all year round but mostly during the school times (Monday to Friday). We may venture out of Norway to many parts of the world to explore and better understand international mindedness. Taking part on a Travel and Learn trip is not just about learning a language, a sport or about the environment, but also about developing life and social skills in preparation for a lifetime of contributing productively in our changing and complex world. Our travel experience provides people of all ages with inspirational opportunities to explore and self-develop as a global citizen.

These trips are led by enthusiastic world travellers and cross-cultural experts with experience in leading groups of children and adults. Our group leaders and teachers are prepared for the responsibility of the welfare of groups of mixed nationalities.

Planning and Organizing

Planning, organizing and leading educational trips are a very demanding and motivating activity. We believe that appropriate and safely organized school travels provide a unique opportunity to develop a young person’s imagination, sense of responsibility, social skills and sensitivity. Please see the BoD approved policy for Extended School Excursions.

Types of Trips

  • Environmental Literacy

We learn to understand and appreciate the natural world around us. These trips take us to fragile and delicate ecosystems around the world, where we study the threats and challenges that exist.

  • Language and Culture

These educational trips focus on enriching student’s foreign languages skills in an authentic setting and allow students to develop communication skills.

  • Outdoor Sports and Adventure

The objectives of our outdoor sports program is an holistic appreciation of the physical, psychological, social and health benefits of a physically active lifestyle

  • Year 10 trip

The objective of our Year 10 trips is to provide opportunities for students to experience international mindedness in a different setting.  The trip is designed to enhance student leadership, perspectives and understanding of differences worldwide. Please note: As these trips are optional activities that are planned and delivered in collaboration with parents. The school has developed some detailed guidelines for this trip. Please review these guidelines in this link.

  • Outdoor Education

The objective of our Outdoor Education trips is to provide opportunities for students to experience camping in the Norwegian wilderness and/or attend organized camps.  Please note: As these trips optional activities they are planned and delivered in collaboration with parents.