AtB Free bus card

Students are entitled to a free school bus card according to the Norwegian law (Opplæringsloven §7-1 and Friskoleloven §3-7).

Students in grade 1 who live further than 2km from school are entitled to a free bus card and 4km for students from grade 2 and up. An application form can be found here for the English version and here for Norwegian version. If your child lives in two different homes, this form needs to be filled out and submitted as well.

You can check the bus timetable and the bus stops here.

New public transport system from August 3rd

For detailed information about all the changes, please follow this link.

Other transport

Students with a disability, temporary injury or sickness can apply for other means of transportation if necessary. Parents can send a request to the school with a medical certificate and the school will forward it to Sør Trøndelag Fylkeskommune who will make the decision.

More information regarding school transportation can be found here.