Parents are expected to keep their child at home if he/she is unwell and/or unable to participate in the school activities of the day. This also applies if he/she has an infectious disease or a condition that could be passed on to other children or school staff. As a general rule it is the child’s overall condition that decides whether he/she should return to school or be kept at home

  • Temperature more than 37,5 in the morning and 38 in the evening is considered a rising temperature, and the child should be kept home until fever free (without medication).
  • Children suffering from a virus such as a stomach flu (e.g. with vomiting or acute diarrhea) can return to school 48 hours after the symptoms disappear.
  • Eye infections (conjunctivitis) are highly contagious, and consulting a doctor may be appropriate. If a treatment is prescribed, the student may return to school the next day.
  • In the case of chickenpox or other infectious skin lesions the student may return to school when the rash has dried out and is under control.


Notify the school and class teacher by 8.15h if a student is not able to come to school because of sickness. Please be specific of the reason.

If a child develops a fever at school or shows signs of an illness such as the flu (e.g. vomiting), then staff will call parents to ask them to collect their child. Parents should attempt to do so in as timely a manner as possible.

Prolonged illness

Contact  the class/contact teacher if there is excessive absence due to prolonged illness. Together with the class/contact teacher, you will find the solution to support the ill student.