THIS is right for me

We create our own knowledge
Every step of the way
We take care of each other
Each and every day

We can make a difference
Be it big or small
Stand up proud
Even if we fall

THIS is our time
THIS is our place
Together we are strong
THIS is our life
THIS is our way
We know where we belong
THIS is our heart
THIS is our soul
The best that we can be
THIS is right for me

From all over the world
Come together as one
Every boy every girl
Come to learn and have fun

Take each day as a challenge
Get so much in return
We like positive thinking
And the skills that you earn

Original CD single with school song can be purchased at office for 50 NOK. Money will go to Parents Committee.

Below are low resolution MP3 versions.

Original version:


Instrumental version:


Written by Mikkel S. Eriksen. Lyrics based on concepts by students, teachers and parents at Trondheim International School. Produced, recorded and mixed by Mikkel S. Eriksen. Published by Sony Music Publishing ATV. Recorded at Stargate Studios Norway, courtesy of Hallgeir Rustan. Project management by Linda Kollien. ©2008 – Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this recording is prohibited!