A friendly reminder to parents that in the interest of student safety, the school parking lot is for staff use only. Please do not use the parking lot for dropping off and picking up your child.

The parking lot is a shared area for both Tomas School and THIS. The parking lot is controlled by Europark – we are not able to assist with any parking fines received.
If you have an appointment in the school, you can borrow a Visitor Parking Card from the office.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation!
We ask all parents who drive their children to school to drive carefully and take note of the direction of traffic flow that we wish to create (drive in through Haldens gate and turn right (parking zone on left hand side, for those who are dropping off pre-schoolers and 1st graders) or left (“kiss-and-learn” zone for drop-off of all other children). Please do not leave engine running while dropping children off.