Trondheim International School is a private school, which the state covers 85% of the cost and parents/caregivers cover 15%. Paying for school fees is obligatory.

The fees are currently:

NOK 24 750 per school year for grade 1-7 (11 months x NOK 2250) and for grade 8 -10 NOK 26 708 per school year (11 months x NOK 2428).

The school fee is invoiced 11 times a year  No payment is required in July.

School Fee increase from 01.08.2018:
1. –  7 . grade: NOK 2450 per month  (NOK 26 950 for the year/11 months of payment)
8. – 10. grade: NOK 2828 per month  (NOK 31 108 for the year/11 months of payment)
The new fees was approved by the Board, 7th of March 2018.
The increase of school fees is necessary in order to achieve the school’s strategic goal with focus on a high quality IB education program and a stable economy.