Trondheim International School admits children from Norway and abroad. It is open to all children who fulfill criteria to be enrolled in Norwegian public schools.

From 01.04.20 the maximum number of students at school will be 200 and the maximum number of students per class will be 23. However, no current class enrolments exceeding 23 will be cancelled in any year level, to adhere to the class size caps.

School Year 2020-2021 Grade Level by Birth Year
Grade 1 2014 Grade 7 2008
Grade 2 2013 Grade 8 2007
Grade 3 2012 Grade 9 2006
Grade 4 2011 Grade 10 2005
Grade 5 2010    
Grade 6 2009    


Main admission

The deadline for the main admission (August start) is the 1st of April. All applications received by this date are considered. If there are more applications than vacant school spots, applicants are prioritized based on the admission criteria stated below.

Supplementary admission

Applicants, who are not admitted during the main admission, will be placed on the waiting list for supplementary admission during the year if parents/caregivers request so. This request to remain on the waiting list needs to be submitted to the admin office in the form of a written statement. Applicants who meet the deadline for application (1st of April ) are considered before applicants who have applied after 1st of April. 

A supplementary admission will take place after the main admission is conducted and school spots are still available or have become available. Applicants who are on the waiting list or on file at the time will be considered for the supplementary admission. If there are more applicants than the available school spots, the set of admission criteria below will be used. 

Applying every year?

A new application must be submitted for each school year. The applications will be removed from the waiting list at the end of the school year in June.

Applications for school year 2021/22 are due by April 1, 2021.

What are the admission criteria?

Trondheim International School is open to all applicants. All applications which are received by the application deadline are considered. If there are more applicants than available spots in the class,  applicants are prioritized without exception according to the set of admission criteria in this strict order below; 

                    Admission criteria

  1. Children of Staff
  2. First grade applicants until the class has reached a minimum of 15 students
  3. Siblings of students who are already enrolled at Stiftelsen Trondheim International School
  4. Children who have attended an International Baccalaureate school
  5. Children who have attended English schooling for longer than 6 months (preschool included)
  6. Native English speaking children
  7. Children with English as an additional language
    • Child that regularly use English socially
    • Child that has attended English schooling but not for a full 6 months
  1. International children:
    • Child has at least one non-Norwegian parent
    • Child has a non-Norwegian passport
    • Child has at least one non-Norwegian mother tongue
  1. Lottery





The decision on admittance to the school is a single rights decision made by the principal in accordance with Norwegian law (The Public Administration Act). Complaints about admission decisions can be made to the school and also to the County Council ‘Fylkesmannen i Sør-Trøndelag’.

To accept the offer of enrollment, we ask you to pay 50% of 1-month school fee as a deposit. This will be used to cover 50% of the first month of school fees for your child. 

School fees:

Trondheim International School is a private school, which the state covers 85% of the cost and parents/caregivers cover 15%. Paying for school fees is obligatory.

The fees are currently as follows;

The school fee is invoiced 11 times a year  No payment is required in July.

School Fee
1. – 7. grade: 2450 per month  (26 950 for the year/11 months of payment)
8. – 10. grade: 2816 per month  (309 76 for the year/11 months of payment)


*After School Care (SFO) caters for students 1st to 6th-grade primary school NOK 2400. This includes food every day after school.

* Children arriving newly to Norway needs to provide their vaccination records and are required to take a tuberculosis test. Here is the list of countries with a high occurrence of tuberculosis. Please read further details (Click here!)

A little bit about the programmes…

The primary years’ programme (PYP) is for children aged 6- 12 and finally, there is the middle years’ programme (MYP) for 13-16-year-old students. There is limited capacity as our maximum number of students at school is 200. However, we encourage those who are interested in our school to apply.