The Parents Committee (PC) is the link between the parents and the school. The PC works to protect and promote the interest of the parents with regards to the school’s boards, school administration and the teaching staff. The PC also works to help these bodies to better communicate with the school’s parents.

For more information see: The PC bylaws 2016 (Vedtekter til foreldrerådet ThIS)
FUG (Foreldreutvalget for Grunnopplæringen)


PC representatives are the link between the parents of each class and the PC. PC members are elected by parents at the beginning of the school year. Two parent representatives from each preschool class and grade level are elected to represent their class for a one year term.

As of September 2018:


Class PC Reps Email  
PC president Trina Galloway  
PYP1 Signe Büchmann-Slorup   Secretary
  Claudia Garachena    
PYP2 Marten Boon    
  Zihong Ge   Treasurer
PYP3 Roselle De La Fuente   PC vice president
  Igor Vidic    
PYP4 Claudia Garachena    
  Kathrin Kampfer    
PYP5 Gabriel Levy    
  Jirang Cui    
PYP6 April Hammeren    
  Meng Cai    
MYP7 Caroline Cheng   Internal auditor
  Alexey Matveev    
MYP8 Delilah Bermudez Brataas    
  Jannicke Leong    
MYP9 Tamisha Kindberg    
  Anne Wigum    
MYP10 Asja Garkho    
  Camille Monsen    


For more information see: The PC member handbook

PC is also responsible for coordinating a number of important School-Wide Social Activities. The PC works together with teachers and staff to arrange the Fall and Spring “dugnads”. Additionally, the PC has agreed that the following classes are annually responsible for the following events, please check the school calendar to find the exact date: