Historical Evidence from Prehistory

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Think and Reflect when selecting your resources:

WHAT  What is the document? Is it fact or opinion? 
WHO Who wrote the document? What do you know about the author?
WHY Why did the author write this?
WHEN When was the document published? What was happening in the world?
WHERE Where was the document published? What do you know about the quality of the publishing organization?
HOW How did the author gather data? How did the author present information?

“Evaluating Information Sources Using the 5 Ws” 2017 by userRachel Radom 
under license“Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International”

Information Books:

Usborne Starting Point History: Who Were the First People?

Oxford Children’s History of the World: The Ancient World

English Heritage: Stonehenge and Neighbouring Monuments

Digital Resources:

Ancient History Encyclopedia

British Natural History Museum Website

Encyclopaedia Britannica

Smithsonian Human Origins Initiative Website

Wikipedia Article on Stone Age – See NOTES section, use for overview only.

World Book Encyclopedia