Extended Leave/leave of absence for students

The Independent Schools Act §3-12 cf. the Education Act § 2-11

Section 2-11. Leave of absence from compulsory education

The school cannot grant a leave of absence for religious reasons other than the celebration of religious holidays. Students cannot go to the church/temple/mosque, etc. during the school day, unless it’s a religious holiday and that they are granted a leave of absence.

Parents/students at the age of 15 and up have to apply by filling out the online application in advance and ensure necessary tuition during the leave.

In our school the leave request must be submitted to the principal at least 10 working days before the intended leave. Once approved the teachers will supply an individual study plan. This work must be completed while on leave and on return to school must be signed by each subject teacher to recognise that the set work was completed. The student then needs to hand the signed document to their contact teacher. The contact teacher will copy this and give it back to the student for their own files.

The school may grant a leave for up to 10 school days (2 weeks) for different reasons. The Principal will assess the application and decide if it is defensible to grant a leave. Absence longer than 10 days is regarded as illegal and the school may regard the student as if he/she has left/withdrawn from the school. The student/parents then have to reapply for placement and will be considered according to our admission criteria. We cannot promise that we have an opening when the student returns and we may have students that are higher up on the waiting list.

For more information regarding religious holidays and leave of absence, go to: http://www.udir.no/Regelverk/Tolkning-av-regelverket/Andre-tema/Gudstjenester-i-skoletiden/

A student has the right to remove up to 10 days from the report card.

The main rule is that all absence in years 8, 9 and 10 is recorded on the report card.

The student or the parents can request that up to 10 days of the absence each year is removed from the report card (only for years 8-10). Only whole days can be removed, not single hours/lessons. The student also requires that the school attaches a document that explains the reason for the absence. The school sends out instructions and a reminder for this every year approximately 6 to 8 weeks before the final reports are submitted.

Students can ask to remove absence due to:

    • documented medical reasons after day 3 (from day 4)
    • documented chronic illness or disability from day 1
    • approved study leave from day 1 (Please refer to the approved study leave documentation required)


Documented leave means approved leave (individual decision from school) or a doctor’s certificate. This documentation must be supplied when you apply for the absences to be removed. This includes the completed work that could be included in an individual study agreement.

For more information, go to:


Decision making

The decision-making authority in cases concerning leaves of absence is the principal. The Education Act does not specify the qualifying criteria for assessing applications for leave of absence. Nor does it govern a number of leaves a pupil may be granted during the school year. The condition laid down by the Education Act is that a leave of absence may be granted “when it is deemed appropriate”.  Each application will be evaluated according to the best judgement of the school administration and parents will be promptly notified of the decision of the school.

The Principal will consult with the teacher(s) to decide if the leave is appropriate for the student. This decision is based upon, but not limited to:

–       The amount of absence prior to the leave

–       The student’s educational situation

–       The student’s/family’s personal situation

–       The timing of the leave in relation to the delivery of the educational program

Parents have the right to appeal the decision of the school Principal to the Governor of the county (Fylkesmannen I Sør-Trøndelag).