The Board of Directors authorizes independent study as an optional instructional strategy for students, where equivalent requirements for class and\or course study may be adequately met through study outside of the regular classroom setting. The international constituency of ThIS demands a degree of flexibility in the school leave policy due for example to the various religious calendars, immediate families living abroad and calendar differences between countries and cultures.

Independent study offers a means of individualizing the educational plan and enabling students to reach curriculum objectives and fulfill graduation requirements. It does not replace regular school day instruction.

Students are required to complete a comparable course of study to receive full course credit. Completion of an Independent Study Agreement may not necessarily be given equal value or credit in its evaluation by teaching staff and may have a subsequent negative impact on student evaluation or grades. Where Independent Study Agreements are incomplete, student work will be evaluated as incomplete and graded appropriately.

The Head of School or designee shall approve independent study for an individual student only upon determining that the student is prepared to meet the School’s requirements for independent study, is likely to succeed in independent study, and has not accumulated absences in excess that would negatively impact the student’s ability to succeed in the School’s educational Programme.

The minimum period of time for any independent study option shall be (3) three school days and a maximum of 10 days for any Independent Study Agreement.

The Head of School or designee shall ensure that a written Independent Study Agreement (AR 6158), exists for each participating student and that approved absences from regular school attendance comply with the Norwegian Education Act and Independent School Act.

The Student and Parents\Guardian are required to meet with the teacher to review the plan for an independent study and both must sign that they agree to be responsible for its completion. It must return to the school at the terminating date. The assigned work will be evaluated\graded and the ISA will be archived.