ICT Use Agreements

We have 3 differentiated ICT Use Agreements for parents to refer to in our school. (MYP Use agreement, PYP 4/5/6 and PYP 1/2/3) These are reviewed annually and are agreed upon and signed when the family joins the school and at the beginning of every school year. A copy of these are found in the ICT policy. 

In addition, the school has Staff Guidelines for Information Safety and ICT security procedures for the staff to review and sign every year.

Legal – Privacy – reference privacy laws

Personal Data Regulations.

Trondheim International School conforms to Norwegian privacy regulations and is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). These are reviewed regularly and are in line with the needs of the school. These include

  • Risk Assessment for ICT
  • ICT Security Procedures (signed and understood by staff)
  • Staff guidelines for Information safety (signed and understood by staff)
  • Data Use Agreements with all vendors that collect personal data