1. Students moving up from ThIS preschool
2. Siblings of students at ThIS or ThIS preschool
3. Student who has attended a school that delivers the IB curriculum for one year or more
4. Student with English as a native, spoken language
5. Bilingual/multilingual student
6. Children of staff
7. Lottery

The new admission criteria, effective from 01.04.2019. 

  1. Children of Staff
  2. Siblings of students who are already enrolled at Stiftelsen Trondheim International School
  3. Children who have attended an International Baccalaureate school
  4. Children who have attended English schooling for longer than 6 months (preschool included)
  5. Native English speaking children
  6. Children with English as an additional language
  • Child that regularly use English socially
  • Children that have attended English schooling but not for a full 6 months
  1. International children:
  • Child has at least one non-Norwegian parent
  • Child has a non-Norwegian passport
  • Child has at least one non-Norwegian mother tongue
  1. Lottery