The Board of Directors believes that all children should have the opportunity to receive educational services. Staff shall encourage parents/guardians to enroll all school-aged children in school.
The Head of School or designee shall maintain procedures which provide for the verification of all entrance requirements specified in law and in Board policies and regulations.
New admission applicants to ThIS shall be received and considered based upon the policy priorities listed below:

1. Students moving up from ThIS preschool
2. Siblings of students at ThIS or ThIS preschool
3. Student who has attended a school that delivers the IB curriculum for one year or more
4. Student with English as a native, spoken language
5. Bilingual/multilingual student
6. Children of staff
7. Lottery

The Head of School or designated staff shall implement the Admissions Policy as adopted. The school staff shall consider evenly distributing admission across grade-levels according to the approved Class Size Policy.

The Educational Department of Norway has conducted an audit of Trondheim International School in the period 20.06.2012 to date and the notice of the decision was sent to the school 28.01.2013.

The Educational Department of Norway has requested rectifications after the audit (see Private School Act § 7 – 2a, first paragraph). Some changes were required to be made in the admission criteria regarding the priority of applicants for admission assessment. The result is that we use the set of criteria above with immediate effect.