Dear Parents & Caregivers,

This spring, Trondheim International School will be participating in a national survey of youth in Norway. This survey is known as Ungdata. The survey is administrated every 4 years and this is the first time THIS has participated. We will be administering the surveyduring school hours in the weeks before the Easter break. The survey takes approximately one class hour to complete.

Students are not required to answer the survey but are encouraged to do so. As a parent, you have the right to have your child exempt from participating in this survey. Contact your child’s contact teacher if would prefer that your child not participate.

General Information about this survey:

Trondheim Kommune has commissioned research institute NOVA of Oslo and Akershus College of Applied Sciences and Centre for Welfare and Labour Research and KoRus – St Olav’s Hospital – Centre for Drug and Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation to carry out this survey.

The survey will be administered nationally. The answers will be used to better focus health services for young people throughout Norway. Responses are anonymous and cannot be in anyway connected back to the student.

Ungdata is a cross-national data collection scheme, designed to conduct youth surveys at the municipal level in Norway.

Ungdata is regarded as the most comprehensive source of information on adolescent health and well-being at the municipal and national levels. It is among other things used in municipal planning and developmental work related to public health and preventive measures aimed at young people.

Ungdata cover various aspects of young people’s lives, e.g. relationship with parents and friends, leisure activities, health issues, local environment, well-being, and school issues. The surveys also include questions about tobacco and drug use, and participation in various forms of antisocial behavior such as violence and bullying.

NOVA is responsible for the national coordination of the project, while the regional Drug and Alcohol Competence Centers are responsible for conducting the municipal surveys. Norwegian Directorate of Health, Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion, Ministry of Justice and Public Security and Ministry of Education and Research has supported the development of Ungdata financially. From 2015, Ungdata is financed through the national budget.

The Ungdata material is collected online during school hours. The questionnaire has a fixed part, which is similar in all surveys. In addition, the form contains a number of elective questions that municipalities can choose based on interest and need. NOVA administers a national database, which contains all conducted surveys.

For more information contact Head of Ungdata, researcher Anders Bakken: or Advisor Hanne C. Hougen: KoRus – Trondheim Kommune – Monica Holden Aasen (

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